Become an Apprentice Chartered Accountant with Foxley Kingham

21st April 2020

Apprentice Accountant

At Foxley Kingham, we run an accountancy apprenticeship programme where school leavers can come straight from their A levels into the office. The programme allows high school graduates to go straight into the workplace and learn on the job. 

With the Foxley Kingham apprentice programme, about 20% of apprentices time is spent in some kind of structural learning. This might mean taking a week back in the classroom instead of the office to learn more of the course content and prep for any exams as they come up. The rest of the time the apprentice works on real accounts, learning from the team, working towards the chartered accountant status, all whilst getting paid. 

Aimee Dimmock is an accounts and audit semi-senior who is currently on a training scheme to become a chartered accountant with our team. Aimee came to work with us here at Foxley Kingham after finishing her Alevels and has been an asset to the team since she arrived! Want to find out more what a day in the life of an apprentice Accountant looks like? Read more about Aimee's experience with Foxley Kingham here or get in touch with our team to find out more. 

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