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Working Out From Home as you Work From Home by Luke Chamberlain

Life in lockdown and life without pre-lockdown habits has been difficult for us all. Before lockdown occurred, I was a regular gym-goer to counter the fact that my job, despite giving my brain a workout some days, does not keep me very active with sitting a lot during the day.

Foxley Kingham's Love Your Heart Walking Challenge

In February Luton Borough Council challenged businesses in the area to compete in the ‘love your heart walking challenge’ taking place between 15 February to 12 March 2021.

Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation Celebrates Another Great Year

The Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation has completed another great year of fundraising for local charities, the theme for 2020 was Youth Engagement and in total £7,000 was raised.

Brexit – How it’s Unfolding in Reality

Justin Richardson, CEO of Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, speaks to ProActivity about the everyday impacts of Brexit on local businesses.

What’s happening with GP pensions?

As a tax taper begins to bite, GPs are being offered a helping hand with tax changes

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