Growing Owner-Managed Businesses

Running your own business is a dream come true for many, but the reality can prove to be lonely, stressful and a lot of hard work. In the current economic climate there’s no guarantee your enterprise will pay off, even with a huge amount of effort and a really good idea. However, the right advice and support, particularly in the formative stages, can make the difference between a business succeeding or failing. It can also alleviate some of the stresses and strains that come with being your own boss.

At Foxley Kingham, we have amassed a vast amount of experience with organisations of all shapes and sizes, both as advisers and business owners, across a range of industry sectors. Our particular success stems from the close relationships we build with our clients; we gain a proper insight into their businesses and aspirations for the future, and provide them with whatever level of support they need.

How we work

We offer a wide range of services, all geared towards the particular needs of owner-managers as their businesses develop. In addition to vital compliance work, we can help with tax efficient structuring, tax planning, raising finance, payroll, company secretarial matters, software support and a range of other issues.

Whether it’s saving money on a tax bill, improving profitability, guiding a client through an acquisition or simply providing a sounding board for ideas or concerns, we have all the expertise and insight needed to help businesses thrive and turn dreams into reality.

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