Chris Howe

Qualifications: BA FCA

Position: Director


Tel: 01582 540800

Fax: 01582 480901

Chris heads up FK Medical with Darren and Zeeshan, specialising in Medical Practitioners financial affairs. As co-author of Managing Money for GPs and a director of AISMA (the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants), Chris is recognised as a leading expert in medico-financial matters.

He has made a strong contribution to the growth of the business by passing on his knowledge and developing a team around him, who now serve over 300 Doctors across the south of England.

Chris started his professional life as a Maths Teacher before joining a small practice to retrain as a Chartered Accountant. He had a spell with Ernst & Young specialising in Insolvency before joining Foxley Kingham in 1989.

Chris has been an excellent skier since his teaching days and also likes nothing more than playing the guitar and singing whist keeping his vocal chords lubricated with real ale. In more recent times he has developed his skills as a photographer with some stunning results - just take a look at some of the local landscape shots on our website, they are Chris’ handy work!