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In 2018, we turned 50 years of age. To mark this proud occasion of half a century of outstanding client service and innovation, we established the Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation.

A registered charity to help local charitable causes. Every year, the Anniversary Foundation Team get busy, liaising with our community, receiving nominations and putting together a series of fundraising events to help valuable, local causes. Our charity work supports personal and business growth, training and development.

More than accountants

Valuing our local young people

Since 2018, when 17 local charities were supported and £56,123 raised by Foxley Kingham, the FK Anniversary Foundation chose ‘youth engagement’ as a theme.

In 2019, we selected four charities: Luton Town Football Club Community Trust, Marsh Farm Futures, Youthscape and Lord Taverners; all of which are projects that support young people’s health, relationships, education, community awareness and cohesion, including essential life skills development, confidence-building and employment opportunities.

More than accountants

Get involved

We very much welcome involvement from our clients and fellow, local businesses and organisations.

Our Foundation Team are always delighted to receive suggestions and input on nominations and ideas for our yearly calendar of fundraising events. You can join in our events, organise your own fundraising or help with a raffle or auction prize. We couldn’t do our charity work without our fantastic community’s help and support. Thank you from the Foundation Team and everyone at Foxley Kingham. Want to make a difference in the community? Why not apply for the role of Volunteer Trustee at Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation. 

Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation

Support your community

Child poverty levels have risen across the UK over the past few years. In response to this we have this year partnered with The Level Trust whose vision is to help families overcome the costs of education so all children in Luton have the chance to love learning.

Click on the below button to donate to Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation and make a difference today.

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