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Are you going about your self-assessment return in a way that maximises your tax position and takes advantage of any incentive schemes that apply to you?

Understanding and filling in your annual self-assessment is time-consuming and complex, with penalties for late returns or incorrect information. With a professional tax accountant looking after your tax return, and any associated dealings with HMRC, you will not only maximise your bottom line, but increase the time you can spend focusing on other things.    

How we work

We don’t just fill in the missing gaps on your self-assessment. We assign a specialist tax adviser to you to be on-hand for all your tax queries. We can also undertake a strategic tax planning review with you to assess your tax position before completing your self-assessment, in line with current rules and regulations.  

You need to complete a tax return for the last tax year if you are self-employed, rent out property, have capital gains tax to declare, your taxable income is more than £100k, you are a trustee of a trust, your or your partner’s income is over £50,000 and one of you claims child benefit or your state pension is more than your personal allowance.

It is possible to submit your self-assessment tax return yourself, but there are many benefits to having a professional do it for you, including:  

  • Peace of mind that your self-assessment takes account of the latest regulations and is mistake-free 
  • No damaging penalties for late results or for submitting the wrong information 
  • Taking advantage of all the allowances and incentive schemes most likely to apply to you so that you save as much money as possible 
  • No headaches from having to deal with your tax return yourself 
  • More time to concentrate on running your business 

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“We have been using Foxley Kingham for a number of years now and we love the personable, friendly service they provide. They are extremely professional and go out of their way to help their clientele.”

– Roger Petty Lidston Solutions


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