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Crystal Boston


Crystal joined the firm in 2008 after training and qualifying at a firm in St Albans. After growing her team and client portfolio she progressed quickly to senior manager and became a member of the board on 1st October 2020.
Soon after joining she became involved in the annual recruitment programme and is now an integral part of the process seeking out & selecting local talent. She thoroughly enjoys this aspect of her role, finding it rewarding to watch each individual grow and develop over their years of training, becoming key members of the FK family, a number of whom are now part of the management team today.
Her portfolio covers a wide variety of industries and has expertise in a number of areas, including property and construction accounts as well as company start-ups.
Crystal is always looking for new and innovative ways to help the firm and its clients operate to their full potential.
Crystal enjoys being active in all aspects of life from family fun pursuits with her two children, to exercise and stretching the little grey cells with puzzles, games, brain teasers & quizzes.