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If you need to understand the value of your business and obtain a reliable, independent valuation, we will act swiftly for you. 

Whether you have an offer to buy, need to value shares, or adjust to the required changes of a partnership, we understand the usually urgent nature of these situations.

Business valuations and valuation techniques are complex, with many different factors to assess and take into account, some unique to your industry. Our valuation experts have the commercial experience necessary to value your business, so you can move forward with your transaction.

How we work

Our starting point is always to ask the question: is a formal valuation needed? Exploring the potential for parties to negotiate and agree a fair value for the transaction can be beneficial for everyone involved. 

If a formal valuation is required, then we will establish the basis of the valuation. Perhaps there is a prior agreement in existence, or specific formula that has been used to deal with matters of valuation in the past. If not, we will use accredited methodologies, industry indices and factors pertinent to your business, to establish a fair and confident valuation of your business. While previous performance of your business is an excellent starting point, it’s the expertise in using your business’s history to assess its future that really provides a realistic valuation. 

Some of the benefits of our business valuation service are: 

  • Understanding of the usually critical nature of the need for a valuation
  • Our ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Understanding of the wider business implications and support for your particular situation and transaction
  • Commercial experience and judgement that considers external market forces, your tangible and intangible assets

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“We have been using Foxley Kingham for a number of years now and we love the personable, friendly service they provide. They are extremely professional and go out of their way to help their clientele.”

– Tyler Pickford Go Cars


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