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Specialist help to plan your estate

Inheritance tax may be a less-than-welcome fact of life but with help to forward plan your finances, the amount of inheritance tax liable on your estate can be significantly reduced.

If you think your estate may be liable to inheritance tax, planning ahead can ensure the tax liability on what your beneficiaries receive is not greater than it should be. With our reliable, proactive support, we can make sure your tax position is the most advantageous it can be, in line with any changes in regulations and your circumstances.

How we work

Our first step is to carry out a personal tax planning review with you, assigning you to one of our specialist tax advisers, experienced in inheritance tax and its related regulations.

There are tax thresholds to consider in the planning of your inheritance and estate, and ways to minimise liabilities for beneficiaries, but expert advice is recommended. Our inheritance tax experts can advise you on the benefits and implications of making gifts from your capital or income, creating a trust for your beneficiaries, and leaving legacies to charities  

Some of the ways you can benefit from our inheritance tax advice include: 

  • Getting help to understand all the implications and amounts of inheritance tax
  • Understanding the position of your wealth and assets and what exemptions might be available
  • A personal adviser to work with and support you in planning your finances and estate
  • Minimising tax liabilities on your legacy  

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“They were recommended to us and it was the best decision we could have made. They have been efficient and professional with our business accounts and personal tax.”

– Linda Sullivan Kent Leisure Parks Ltd


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