Auditing Services

We believe that the benefits of accurate and meaningful financial information cannot be overestimated; clear insight is key to driving performance and adding value. Your annual audit and preparation of accounts can become a worthwhile investment in your business, and help you reap substantial returns. Even small businesses that are no longer legally obliged to carry out an audit can benefit from the process.

How we work

Our dedicated Audit Team, led by Directors Stephen Mason and Tara Aldwin, will work closely with you to ensure full compliance with the relevant strict statutory audit requirements. They will also ensure that you have the financial clarity and insight needed to manage your businesses successfully.

At every stage we apply our extensive knowledge, technical expertise and commercial experience to identify areas for improvement, potential costs savings and untapped opportunities. All of which can bring significant improvement in your business’ profitability and performance.

Some of the benefits of an audit, include:

  • Insight that can help improve profitability and performance across your business
  • Vital information for loan applications or other financial negotiations (e.g. a buy-out or takeover). We put the information at your fingertips, so you can act quickly if you need to raise funds or if an acquisition opportunity presents itself
  • An independent and objective review of your business/financial systems to highlight any failings, giving you the chance to rectify them before any lasting damage occurs
  • An ongoing fraud deterrent, as the process should identify any immediate cause for concern and detect any financial anomalies
  • A benchmark of your performance against other organisations in your sector
  • A boost to your attractiveness to potential investors, lenders, clients and even staff
  • An opportunity for a growing owner-managed businesses to become accustomed to the audit process before it becomes a statutory requirement. Proper procedures and disciplines can be put in place from the outset, which can save time and money further down the line


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