Reliefs and allowances

 Investor limits 2021/22 2020/21
  Enterprise investment scheme (EIS) up to £1 million* £1 million*
  Seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) up to £100,000 £100,000
 Venture capital trust (VCT) up to £200,000 £200,000
Social investment tax relief (SITR) £1 million £1 million
* The annual limit for individuals investing in knowledge-intensive companies under the EIS is £2 million, provided that anything above £1m is invested in knowledge-intensive companies. The annual EIS and VCT limit on the amount of tax-advantaged investments a knowledge-intensive company may receive is £10m. SEIS attracts tax relief at a rate of 50% with an overall investment limit for the company of £150,000, while EIS, VCT and social investment tax relief (SITR) investments attract relief at a 30% rate.

SITR relief is available for relief at 30% on investments in certain social enterprises, including charities, with a lifetime limit for the social enterprise of up to £1m.

With all of these reliefs there are many rules to be complied with. Please seek our advice.

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