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Luton based chartered accountants, Foxley Kingham, has announced that Chris Howe, Director, has retired after 30 years with the firm. His role as one of the two directors of Medical Services has been awarded to Zeeshan Hussain, who has worked with the firm for 15 years as a Specialist Medical Manager.

Chris joined Foxley Kingham in 1989, heading up the firm’s specialist medical division, FK Medical, with colleague Darren Fletcher. As co-author of Managing Money for GPs and a Director of AISMA (the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants) Chris has been recognised throughout his career as a leading expert on medico-financial matters. During his time with Foxley Kingham he developed a team who now serve over 300 doctors across the south of England.

Chris together with his fellow Directors Paul Bithrey, Stephen Mason, Darren Fletcher and Tara Aldwin has seen the accounting practice grow from some 15 people to over 50 over these three decades.  The firm now advise hundreds of clients on accounting and tax matters across a wide variety of industries.

Reflecting on his career, Chris observes:

“After starting my career as a maths teacher, I retrained as an accountant and never looked back. We’ve seen huge changes at Foxley Kingham over the last 30 years. One of the things that has made the biggest impact on the firm has been becoming a training practice in the 1990s: it has helped build a cohesive and collaborative culture and some of the best people have been trained by us from year one.”

“I’ve also loved that we’ve been a truly local firm.  We know the local market, we know the professionals, the bank managers, the property developers; we can put our clients into contact with the right people.”

Chris will continue to be available for occasional consultancy assignments. His retirement plans comprise indulging more in his hobbies including campervan travels, tennis, mountain biking, guitar, music and more.

Foxley Kingham offers advice on a wide range of financial matters. The company has built up specialisms in a number of sectors, including charities and not-for-profit organisations, GP practices, other professional practices, property and construction, and manufacturing and engineering.