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FK Medical FAQs

Accountancy is reassuringly simple at FK Medical.  Medical finance is a broad area and you may have a question not listed.  Our friendly, approachable team are ready to take your call and your question will be anything they can’t answer. 

How do we change accountants and what is the process?

It is probably as easy to change accountants as it is for a patient to change their GP practice, and certainly should not be a cause for concern in our view. We’ll support and advise you throughout the entire process and get in touch with your current accountant/adviser to organise everything.

Switching accountant

We are worried that a specialist adviser may be expensive. How are your fees calculated?

We offer fixed fee packages to GP clients which, depending on the level of service, are charged per partner and are payable monthly. This normally covers all practice and personal accounting and tax, but can be split to cover the practice, with partners invoiced individually for the person work. Additional services are charged based on time incurred, and estimates are given before any work starts so there are no surprises.

How may GP clients do Foxley Kingham Medical Act for? Are there any others in our area who we can contact as a reference?

We currently act for around 250 GPs across 50 practices, as well as numerous GP locums and hospital consultants. Therefore, we are sure to have someone in your area who can provide a reference. Please speak to us for more details.

When is a good time to change accountants?

Any time during the accounting or tax year is a good time to change, provided there are no major projects in hand with the current advisers. This means any time between finalisation of the last years accounts and preparation of the current years accounts; typically, a window of around ten months.  We’ll review the information we receive from your previous advisers and make sure everything is finalised. 


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Changes to NHS pensions this April 2022

Changes to NHS pensions this April 2022

From 1 April this year, all public sector pensions will be subject to the outcome of the McCloud judgement, signalling significant changes to NHS pensions. We spoke to Zeeshan Hussain from FK Medical, a specialist in medical practitioners’ financial affairs, to find...

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