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Secure document exchange

Submit your files safely and securely, direct to our server following the simple steps below.

Once sent, files will automatically be saved in your client records and the relevant department and/or individual alerted that it has arrived. 

Step 1 – Enter your details

  • Client code (Obtained from your account manager)
  • Password (Obtained from your account manager)

Step 2 – Select destination

  • Enter your name
  • Use drop-down box to select Foxley Kingham recipient

Step 3 – Select document

  • Use browser for document to upload
  • Click upload & submit buttons
  • Repeat process to add additional files
  • To remove file tick box and click delete

Types of documents you can send


Accounts & audit documents


Payroll documents


Tax return documents


Other documents

Upload a document

Cloud login

Access your online software tool login page from here. 


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