What we do to help Doctors and GP practices

Getting to know your practice so we can apply the best accounting solution. 

Annual accounts

Get the key to growing your practice and its healthy cashflow with organised accounting.

Partnership tax

We’ll prepare and submit your returns, taking care of all your legal responsibilities regarding income.

Computations tax returns

Help to prepare your tax computations with advice on areas of tax planning that may benefit you.

Tax planning

We’ll optimise your position to significantly reduce the amount of tax you pay.

VAT returns

Struggling to stay on top of the quarterly and day-to day VAT tasks?

VAT planning

Our expertly trained eye will ensure accurate records and compliance with all regulations. 

Preparation of superannuation certificates

Taking care of your legal responsibility to certify income for superannuation purposes.

Pension forecast

We’ll review your pension forecast, discuss lifetime allowance and annual allowance charges.

Pension forecasts

We’ll help you forecast your pension to ensure plans are in line with what’s achievable.

Drawings calculations

Help to calculate drawings from the business, assess options and implications.

Financial performance benchmarking

Get the right view with benchmarking of your local and national financial performance.

IR35 advice

Expert help and advice to navigate the complex IR35 status GP practices are responsible for.

Bidding for new contracts

Specialist contract bidding support to help grow your practice.

Practice capital

Help to structure capital and related liabilities in the best way.


Advice on options and the related obligations of refinancing routes.

Partnership changes

Navigate the regulations of planned and unplanned partnership changes.

Partnership agreements

Review and offer opinion to ensure agreements are robust, beneficial and up to date.

what our clients say

Darren, Zeeshan and the team at Foxley Kingham Medical have always provided us with excellent service, support and advice. The team are wonderfully friendly and happy to share their expertise. The End of Year Accounts and odd jobs throughout the ear are handled professionally patiently and we are always confident in the service we receive. I would wholeheartedly recommend Foxley Kingham Medical to any practice looking to make their accounting as painless as possible.

Mimi Salgado, Practice Manager

Foxley Kingham Medical have been instrumental in helping our practice improve our overall financial position.  They have worked with us to identify how we can make savings and increase our earning potential.  They are always available to talk through any issues and respond very quickly to any questions.  They staff are all very professional, approachable and are always helpful, warm and friendly.  Changing our practice accountants to Foxley Kingham Medical has been one of the best things we have done as a practice.

Helen Foundation, Practice Manager, Larkside Practice

We recently changed our accountant to Foxley Kingham Medical.  In our first year with them they did a through job of looking into our finances with a fine-tooth comb.  They have continued to be proactive and have helped us to foresee changes and made recommendations.  They specialise in General Practice Finance and are well respected by our banker.  They are responsive, friendly and show a very high level of professionalism.  We would happily recommend them to other organisations.

– Dr S Swain, Finance Lead and GP Partner, Biscot Group Practice

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