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ProActivity is our triannual newsletter, bringing you the latest updates and developments in accounting and commerce and what they mean to your business.

In this edition, our experts give their opinions on what’s impacting business right now, including;

The Autumn Statement – 110 reasons to ‘back British Business’ and rumours of a snap election

The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, presented his autumn statement alongside the latest forecasts from the independent Office for Budget Responsibility. Announcing several tax cuts and boosts to businesses with 110 growth promotion measures to be put in place against a backdrop of reducing inflation and greater headroom for spending. This article provides a breakdown of the highlights and includes the full ‘Autumn Statement for Growth.’

Time to prepare – are you ready for the tax year end?

Whether you’re a business, self-employed, or submitting your personal tax return, here’s a roundup of the key considerations you should pay attention to in advance of the all-important 2024 submission and our practical advice on tax planning for the rest of this financial year.

Safeguarding your business from the increasing number of corporate insolvencies

In this article, we summarise and provide expert insight from Alastair Fish, Insolvency Manager at Business Recovery and Insolvency, on why the number of corporate insolvencies is increasing, warning signs to look out for and how to mitigate loss in the case of your company facing insolvency.

What you need to know about lifetime gifts and inheritance tax

In this article, we look at the potential benefits of making lifetime gifts in relation to inheritance tax and answer some of the most common questions regarding gifts with reservation, exemption, out-of-income, and gifts to charity.

The UK Patent Box regime: valuable savings for companies profiting from IP

Continuing our series exploring various types of tax relief and incentives to UK businesses, we deliver insight from Foxley Kingham partner and resident expert, Giordano Goggioli, Senior Associate at Markel. This edition’s topic is on the UK Patent Box. Here we explore how the relief works, the reasons behind the incentive, and just how much it could save companies who qualify.

Basis period reform – what action should I take?

In this article, we present a simple tool that sets out what action you should take in a flow chart format to ensure businesses that operate as self-employed, sole traders, or as a partnership can meet the deadline for change in April 2024, to bring your accounting period in line with HMRC’s tax year.

Tara Aldwin ventures on an eye-opening volunteer trip to save equines in Egypt

Foxley Kingham Director, Tara Aldwin shares a personal article on her life-changing trip to Prince Fluffy Kareem in Egypt, volunteering with equines in heartbreaking conditions. This article outlines the significant rehabilitation and education work the charity accomplishes whilst Tara takes you through a ‘day in the life’ of a volunteer.

Updates from across Foxley Kingham, GKP, and FoxKash

We’ve wrapped up the year with a festive bow – read about the many professional and personal developments across Foxley Kingham, Foxley Kingham Medical, FoxKash and GKP.